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September 19, 2011

Instant Book Downloading

I often think that I would be better off if I could download a book straight into my head and experience it in a second, so I didn’t have the long haul of page turning and carrying it around. Also I’d get few a fair few more books.

When I thought about it longer I decided that half the point of reading a book is to deliberate over it and spend time with it, get to know characters, think about the story while you’re away from the book. You’d miss those things if you had an instant book download.

Another one of my “good” ideas which I quickly see the downside of.

I think that instant book downloading will be after ebooks but before facebook becomes a human organ that we can’t live with out.

September 3, 2011

See the Colours?

This isn’t really to do with writing, but it’s sort of to do with words.

Does anyone else get colours when they think of a letter or a word? Like an association? If you don’t you won’t have a clue what I mean. I think it’s called “synaesthesia”.

If you know what I’m on about please comment and tell me what you get it for. I get it for letters (A is yellow), names (David is orange), days of the week (Monday is blue), months (January is red), numbers (1 is white) and most general words (apple is red). Some people get it for musical notes or even taste.

The colours are individual to each person. My Mum has it and she’s got completely different colours.

If you SEE THE COLOURS, leave a response.

September 3, 2011

Short Short Posts

I’m trying to keep my posts relatively short, not because I can’t (or don’t) write a lot, but because I don’t like to read a lot if it’s not that interesting (which this isn’t).

I am open to criticism for posting things that are too long