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September 1, 2011

How to get Published in 24 Hours

Anyone who read this and that you can get published easily or in 24 hours doesn’t know a lot about writing. Even if you have a book getting it onto a shelf ain’t easy.

I’m hoping to get published sometime, and since I’m still a younger writer maybe get guidance from a literary agent or editor. I’m not going to claim that I am the best writer in the world and I can make it on my own. Feel free to tell me otherwise, though.

Hopefully I’m going to put up some posts containing a few bits I’ve written, like short story things, and parts of longer novellas as well (totalling around 60,000 words. so i guess you’ll only bother with that if you REALLy like it or want to publish me with a particular urge. I wont put all 60,000 words at once, more like 6k or 1k at a time.)