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August 31, 2011

Cheating on my Text

As much as I am a fickle reader, I am a fickle writer too. A novella will have to hold me long enough to spend considerable time and energy making it work. If you don’t spend enough time/energy you make rubbish. If it’s not worth the time, writer something else.

I like to plan a couple of projects while writing a page a day on my current written text, or at least editing and revising it. I plan the other texts so that I can have the fun of thinking them up while not becoming distracted from my main project. If the main project isn’t good enough then I divorce it, and start going steady with the better. Many of my novellas have been lost this way. Occasionally they are revived and re-written, but it’s never the same once you’ve cheated it once.

That’s the problem with writing for yourself (as I tent to do, as I have no audience yet). If it doesn’t interest me then I’m not going to bother writing it, just as a reader will put down a crappy book.

I think many authors have this problem, of falling out of love with their texts. I hope they do, otherwise it’s just me.