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September 1, 2011

What’s Your Writing Thing?

I read a book about writing once. It had a list of different writers and about how they wrote; when, where, how, on what.

I write best in the morning but I have school so weekday writing is limited to after about 4 o’clock. On weekends I bum around avoiding breakfast then begin writing. I write on a computer in my room, on my prize glass desk. It’s got no internet and was general usage for the family so it’s clogged up with a load of other files. I use OpenOffice to write, slightly different to Word. I either write on this, if I write by hand, on the de-cluttered portion of the desk, on its rare appearances. I play CDs while I write. If I find myself singing along, I’m not writing good enough.

I like to be one of those writers who writes in the middle of the night, but I’d rather be sleeping, and I don’t have the morning time to lie in on weekdays. I’ve used ideas from dreams often enough, and that’s always freshest in the monring, my preffered time to write.

When do you write? On what? How? What’s your writing thing?