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September 16, 2011

For Me, Blank Pages

I think everyone has a favourite part to writing. One of my absolute best bits is the bit where you sit down in front of a piece of paper or (particularly for me) a computer screen, open a word doc, choose font and size and then watch the cursor blink at you as you decide what to write.

Before you start writing the possibilities of what you might produce are endless. It could be anything you’re about to create. That’s part of the bit I like, the fact you don’t know what it will look like even though you have an idea of how you wish it would look. It will never be the same as your intention. As soon as you start writing direction becomes narrower. This isn’t bad, it means you’re going somewhere. But you lose the openness that comes with having a completely clear page.

I like the blinking cursor tempting me to start rapping keys.

For me, it’s blank pages. What is it for you?

September 16, 2011

Why Write?

It’s painful, stressful, difficult, sometimes boring and it weights on your mind all day until you’ve written something you’re half pleased with. Why does anyone bother to write? Why are some people driven to writing?

I’m cursed with a drive to write and an enjoyment of it. I will fret over a plot, a character, a phrase. I’ve always written, there’s no stopping it and no stopping the ideas which come out of everywhere.

Why do writers write? Why do YOU write?

September 14, 2011

Scoring Your Story

Films have music, a score, to accompany the moving picture. I thought about doing the same with books, in a sort of a way.

If you read What’s You Writing Thing? you’ll see that I said I listen to music when I write. Occasionally the music fits the scene I’m writing, or the mood and adds to it as I write. Obviously a musical track cannot be applied to a book (though I bet someone will try with the advent of eBooks). But I thought about choosing music from my selection to go with a certain scene to enhance my perception of it, even if it wasn’t in he finished product (which it wouldn’t be). Maybe books will come with a CD with recommended tracks to play while reading. I think I prefer reading the way it is, but writing with the music is interesting.

Let me know what you think about music and writing and combining the two. Does anyone get ideas for writing things from music? Or feel the same as I do.

I own the copyright to musical eBooks, by the way. So don’t try it.

September 5, 2011

Getting the Bus to Anywhere

Just a thought. Got the bus today, and I get the bus a lot going to school. Always tickets left on the seats and stuff with a destination, where it was bought and time. It’s like a little story on a piece of paper, but only a very small part of it.

Got a plane in the holiday, London to Toronto. There was a plane ticket left there which was London to Calgary. Another, longer distance, example. This one with a name as well though, and type of seat purchase.

Food for thought and possibly a way of thinking up a story.

Just a thought. Like I said.

September 5, 2011

Turning a Clean Sheet

Do you prefer writing on a keyboard/computer or by hand? Just a thought. I’ve heard of writers using all stuff, like Dictaphones and even having a secretary write out while the author dictates. Wondering if anyone does anything REALLY strange, or just what people do in general.

I write ideas and stuff in books by hand. Writing by hand is pleasing, because it’s more of a process and you feel like you’re shaping the words, not just rapping them out, each word looking the same as another. Using different impliments for writing gives a certain pleasure (scratchy pencils are a personal favourite). I once wrote part of a project in dip pen and India ink, though it was completely impractical as every sheet had to dry before I could compile them. My bedroom was covered in “no touch” surfaces. But I did it for the feel of scratchy writing, the tip of the pen making contact with the paper. It was like the ideas and content weren’t enough but the act of writing had to be right as well.

I do, however, normally use a computer. All blogging is (unavoidably) typed (though my handwriting is usual illegible, so this is a positive). The added advantage of a computer is obvious: editing, cropping, cutting, pasting, organising, filing. You can’t run out of ink and don’t have to sharpen your pencil.

Typing is tiring and samey. It takes away the “writing” part of writing and leaves you with the “typing” bit. It’s nice to turn it off and turn to a clean sheet (if you’ll excuse a pun).

September 4, 2011

Know What I’m Saying?

I once tried to decide what my “forte” was in writing. When you declare that you are a writer you get asked what you write, it would make sense to say what you like and what you’re (supposedly) good at.

I originally thought it was well constructed description. But description bores me, and general it slows down a story. There are too many cliches in description. (I do not consider cliches a complete enemy. Much original writing can come from identifying and changing it so that it is new.)Well done description can be something to behold, if it moves on with the narrative as well.I decided I was not so good at this..

Once finished with description, I moved onto the opposite; action. Describing action in its upmost detail to give across a blockbuster-like thriller. Films are not books. Action is not limited to shooting (I spent a lot of bullets and killed many characters before realising this).

I have settled, on dialogue. I may write a separate most on dialogue (because I like short posts and this is looking too long for me). Dialogue is immediate, it is action, it can convey ideas, thoughts, character, move on a narrative. I think it is brilliant, and may eleborate on that in future.

You may not agree with me, but we never got anywhere by agreeing.

What’s your forte?

September 3, 2011

Short Short Posts

I’m trying to keep my posts relatively short, not because I can’t (or don’t) write a lot, but because I don’t like to read a lot if it’s not that interesting (which this isn’t).

I am open to criticism for posting things that are too long

September 1, 2011

What’s Your Writing Thing?

I read a book about writing once. It had a list of different writers and about how they wrote; when, where, how, on what.

I write best in the morning but I have school so weekday writing is limited to after about 4 o’clock. On weekends I bum around avoiding breakfast then begin writing. I write on a computer in my room, on my prize glass desk. It’s got no internet and was general usage for the family so it’s clogged up with a load of other files. I use OpenOffice to write, slightly different to Word. I either write on this, if I write by hand, on the de-cluttered portion of the desk, on its rare appearances. I play CDs while I write. If I find myself singing along, I’m not writing good enough.

I like to be one of those writers who writes in the middle of the night, but I’d rather be sleeping, and I don’t have the morning time to lie in on weekdays. I’ve used ideas from dreams often enough, and that’s always freshest in the monring, my preffered time to write.

When do you write? On what? How? What’s your writing thing?

September 1, 2011

Short Short Stories

I don’t like short stories, even though they’re short. They have to be short enough so I can see the end. In a book, I don’t mind cause it’s a book, it’s meant to be long. So Sherlock Holmes and the Saint are quite readable.

It’s in magazines, when you can’t turn the page to see there’s one more paragraph but a load more prose. That’s when I put it down. And if it’s a short story on the internet and you have to scroll a lot… it’s dead to me.

Though I’ve written a few short story bits, I prefer to write longer, extended projects. You get more words to say what you mean (I know short stories are meant to be the “craft of a few words” and that’s the challenge. I think when you can choose any words in the world it’s still pretty challenging). You can develop things a lot more and you stay with it.

If it’s a short story I’d rather it was a novel.

If it’s a short short story I’ll read it.

If it’s a short short short story, I wrote it.

September 1, 2011

I’m a Bad Reader

I like a thin book with quite large print so I can get through it quickly. This is because I am fickle with my choice of books. I tend to read more than one at a time, and this makes for slow reading, especially when some books are borrowed and I have to give them back in a couple of weeks to friends/libraries. If they’re too long and boring, I drop them.

I am also not a fast a reader as everyone else, I found in school. I wrote essays on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist never having finished the novel (got an A though, I’d like to point out).

Too much prose turns me off as well. If you open a book and the first few pages are solid narrative until somebody says something. The best books have one paragraph, then dialogue. Even better is no paragraph, cut straight to the speech! I’d read a book comprised entirely of dialogue, I don’t know who’d want to read an entire narrative, not a word of speech (now I said that, I know it’s probably been done and probably quite well, but you’d have to be a really good writer to manage it and most people aren’t that good. I’m not, that’s why I stick to speech).

So when I write I tend to open with speech if I can. I like to include lots of talking and arguments and conversations (all the stuff of good, immediate writing) because it breaks up the prose. I like to write things that are not too long (in truth I have never written anything near a novel, so I don’t have this option). My font size is always too big (it looks smaller on a computer).

If you never reach the end of something I write, you are the worst reader who ever lived, because the other worst reader (me) wrote it.