Why Write?

It’s painful, stressful, difficult, sometimes boring and it weights on your mind all day until you’ve written something you’re half pleased with. Why does anyone bother to write? Why are some people driven to writing?

I’m cursed with a drive to write and an enjoyment of it. I will fret over a plot, a character, a phrase. I’ve always written, there’s no stopping it and no stopping the ideas which come out of everywhere.

Why do writers write? Why do YOU write?


2 Comments to “Why Write?”

  1. I recognize every single word of what you just wrote. I am also cursed with writing. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night just because I HAVE to write something that just popped up…. It IS painful, stressful, difficult, boring, but also very joyful. I just joined a group for writers. It gives me great feedback, and a lot of joy. I hope you also feel joy writing. Most of what I do is in Swedish, but I invite you to read my English pieces “Music” and “The Prize” at my blog.
    Good luck with your writing.

  2. 4 years ago, out of the blue, the urge to write was just there inside and wanted out. I had been learning and working at writing over a year when forgotten memories surfaced. Me cranking out pages of hand written angst-of-preteen stories. I had a box about two feet deep in sheets of stories I saved for a few years.Then grew up, learned real life “limitations” and things “I can not do” (like college) and tossed the writing.

    I’m sure the writing was awful back then but it explained where the roots of my writing urge came at 51 yr old. (BTW I went to college at 40 and got a BS from scratch with honors. I realized no one can tell me what I can not do,)

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