For Me, Blank Pages

I think everyone has a favourite part to writing. One of my absolute best bits is the bit where you sit down in front of a piece of paper or (particularly for me) a computer screen, open a word doc, choose font and size and then watch the cursor blink at you as you decide what to write.

Before you start writing the possibilities of what you might produce are endless. It could be anything you’re about to create. That’s part of the bit I like, the fact you don’t know what it will look like even though you have an idea of how you wish it would look. It will never be the same as your intention. As soon as you start writing direction becomes narrower. This isn’t bad, it means you’re going somewhere. But you lose the openness that comes with having a completely clear page.

I like the blinking cursor tempting me to start rapping keys.

For me, it’s blank pages. What is it for you?


3 Comments to “For Me, Blank Pages”

  1. My favorite part is when I’m in a middle of a chapter partway through the book, go off to do various necessary “life” things (put laundry in the dryer, eat a meal, stuff like that), and all I can think about the whole time is how much I want to run back to my laptop and get writing again!
    I’ll always have a vague “I should be writing” feeling in the back of my brain, but that exciting “I *want* to be writing” sensation is the best. (:

  2. My favorite part is when you get to a bit of the story that almost writes itself. Suddenly all that you want to say falls into place perfectly, your hands fly across the keys, and you feel almost unable to stop. Its the best feeling in the whole world….

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