eBooks are Killing Paper

I haven’t got an Android or iPad or that, but I will confess before I write more, that I would like a kindle. To read eBooks. Because it looks good and I read too many books to carry around at once.

BUT I like the feel of a book. Like paper, and the smell of a new book, the odour of an old one. A hefty hardback is one of the most satisfying things to hold. To have the actual copy of a book is to own that copy. Once you’ve spent the required time with the novel you feel a little attached to it (I don’t, I’m just thinking for anyone else). You get to turn the pages (hence the term “page turner”, not “finger slide across the screen-er”). You can read any page you choose in a second.

You can call eBooks the new format if you want. They shouldn’t replace actual books. The Novel form is fairly new. Before the Novel fiction was recorded in epistolary novels (letters) and journal accounts. So a novel in a book used to be the “eBook” of its day.

eBooks look alright, but I wouldn’t give up having the paper in my hand.


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